Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Caroline's first birthday!

Ok, I'm so sorry I have pretty much missed a whole year of our kids lives....but that's my life I guess! I'm back. Caroline's birthday was awesome. She dug into her cake and made a good show. I was overwhelmed with emotion with all our family there and my baby turing one! She has officially started walking...I would say at 13 months exactly. It's fun to watch her gain more confidence everyday. Charlie is doing great. He had a growth spurt this winter and he looks so much older than the previous pictures. I will get some on here of him. His language skills have dramatically improved and we have been playing outside every chance we get. He's been doing great on his "tiger" bike(two wheel with training wheels). Last summer he couldn't make it through a whole walk on it, now he can go and go. :) Caroline is working on her 4 top teeth(YUCK!!) She only has two teeth, so we have been waiting for the others to follow. I will post more picture soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Caroline's Bapitsm

Here's Caroline on her baptism day. She wore mommy's baptismal gown and looked beautiful. She was pretty unhappy throughout the entire ceremony, but the party was fun. Here she is with two of her great grandmas. Grandma Krause on the left and Grandma Saramandich on the the right. Her Godparents are good friends of ours Jennifer and Phillip Ross. Jen has been my good friend since 7th grade! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Such a good brother!

Charlie is so good to his little sister, despite the fact that she turned his world upside down! He loves to snuggle with her and gives her a pacifier when she's upset. :) He's a very proud big brother.

chubby cheeks!

Man, it seems like she just pudged out over night! She's got the most adorable cheeks!


Caroline was recently baptised. She did pretty good throughout church, but was

not happy during the baptism. :( We had a great party afterwards and were able to celebrate with many family members which made the day extra special.

Caroline's first brewer game

We had a great time on the Dew deck at the Brewer game with my dad. We had all you can eat food. Caroline was a champ. She slept through the entire game!